This abandoned building that you see as you travel to or from UJ or Wits along Annet road, has been one of the way points of my childhood. Since my mother first pointed it out to me on the way to the CBD, it has marked the point where Real Joburg, the city part not the suburb part, begins. Beyond this, all manner of magics are possible.


I have heard that it is earmarked for demolition, possibly to give more space to Egoli gas, with which it shares a stand. It’s one of the things I’d recommend taking a look at while it’s still here. You can’t easily access it directly (on account of it being very unsafe) but you can find some beautiful views of it from the Lieberman Pottery Factory next door, which is well worth a visit in its own right. It has marvelous chickens.


The Old Gasworks may or may not be the setting for a story sometime.


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