So, this has been a very long time coming, but after a long and fruitful relationship with Wordsmack Publishers, I am flying solo. I’m happy to report this was one of those amicable business break-ups, with both parties realising that those glittering horizons we both had our eyes set on were in fact, in thoroughly different directions and not places we could get to together. The best kind of moving apart in this world is when its a part of moving forward.

More on the flying solo thing:

I’m now in that mixed and exciting bag of Self-published authors 🙂 This means a bunch of things.

Firstly, volume 1 of my Young/New Adult Jozi Sci-fi story is printable, and ready to come home with you to live on your bookshelf for ever and ever and be read in the rain, and the bath and used as a last ditch projectile weapon at Parktown Prawns (all things I wouldn’t have recommended trying with the e-pub).

The book is in ‘demi’ format, meaning a little smaller than A5, with a shiny gloss cover, 48 pages of hard-hitting story and a free Hillbrow Tower bookmark. The short length means its a not-so scary gateway into reading for pleasure, for young or old alike who take dim views on reading and/or science-fiction. Plus its actually lighter than a kindle. Selling price, all finance ministers being equal, is around R60.00

Secondly, I now have the power and the ability to get you actual, real-world, word-books. Or at least, I have the ability to enter into an honest relationship (at least more honest than Tinder) with the aim of getting books to people who want them. Because I am just one lady dipping her toes into the ocean of printing, marketing and distributing (with unhelpfully vivid mental images of tiny, toe-chewing sharks), I have to set up a risk-sensitive way of getting things printed. What this means is that I need a decent amount of assurance that people are likely to buy at least most of the books I get printed in any one run. What this doesn’t mean is that I take your money any sooner than I am tying your book to my delivery-pigeon (more on shipping later).

So, the system I run is a no-strings attached obligation free sign-up, here on the blog, to get an indication of interest. That means you mail, message, fb or add a comment here, with your name (or any pseudonym that amuses and delights you) and an indication that you would like to buy a book or books. These names are posted on the blog weekly, so that you can also be delighted and amused by the pseudonyms that other interested parties have chosen. When I have enough names to be pretty sure I can safely fund a print run, I’ll do so. Then when I have stock in hand I’ll start taking orders, and monies from people.

Finally, going solo means that I have more ability than ever to embrace thoughts, opinions and rants from people who’ve taken the time to read and say something about my work. I’m in it for the learning and the dialogue as much as anything else. Stories are supposed to grow and change as the world around them needs different things from them. So, shout about your bug-bears and gems, I’m listening.

Thanks for your time, and the trust and quiet support of a whole bunch of you, in getting here. No-one actually writes alone, there just aren’t good enough thank you words in English yet, so we talk less about the help we get than we should.

Hope everyone has a great and glorious weekend!


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