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Idea War is a 4 book series (with only book 1 available, unless you’d like to be a beta reader for me, in which case you get full access to volumes 1-3) of socio-political, joburg sci-fi, new adult, stories, for everyone, but mostly those joburgers who want to see their city in a whole new light.

Idea War Cover

I’m currently self-publishing it, and marketing these nifty paperbacks (50 pages of story-telling and a complimentary city map) for to be your very own. One of these will cost you R60.00, excluding shipping (which I don’t have a mechanism for right at the moment, so if you aren’t from the Johannesburg/Pretoria area, we’ll have to have a brainstorm session about it).

Thing is, printing is expensive and small business is risky, so this blog is going to act as my Pre-Order form, so I can be fairly assured of enough interest that I wont starve after paying for a print run. It means that you have to wait for your product for as long as it takes to get the numbers to make the budget work, and I can’t even hazard a guess at how long that is. However, it is also risk-free on your part as I wont touch a cent of your income until I have your book in my grubby little paws.

If you’d like a copy, please leave a message on this blog,  or on the Abi Godsell facebook page. The message needs the name you’d like to use on the order form, as, in the interest of transparency, and being able to see other people who might like what you like, the pre-orders list will be up here on the blog, updated weekly.

To find out more about the series, have a look at the archived posts here, on the Abi Godsell facebook page, or drop me a line. Nothing would make me happier than to chat about this story 🙂

Without Further Ado:

The People who Would like A Book:

Gregg Barlow

(Check out his awesome PodCast with Douw Pretorius (Douw, don’t you want a book ? That way you get double advertising): http://www.geekofalltrades.co.za/)

Joe Vaz (Check out his awesome Magazine: http://www.somethingwicked.co.za/)

Joe Vaz (Yea, he wants two. Did I mention his Magazine : https://www.facebook.com/Something-Wicked-Science-Fiction-Horror-Magazine-7909199590/?fref=ts ?)

Kelan Gerriety (Check out her kickass publishing company: http://serablue.com/ )


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