So, one of the awesome things about being an author is getting to chat more with people about stories than if you’re say, a bridge-builder, or a dentist. Talking about stories, talking stories and growing and gleaning bits of words that will be stories because that’s where the real material is, out there in the real world, mostly locked in real people’s thoughts.

Talking about stories is what I’ve been doing with the lovely gents over at Geek of all Trades, who gave me both airtime, and pretty fabulous bacon and mushroom risotto, a couple of evenings back, so that we could all sit and chat about books.

GOAT logo

It’s a solid, wide-ranging pod cast. In the beginning if you feel, like me, a little out of step with today’s geekery, you might get a little lost. Just hang in there, not only will you learn a bunch, because there’s no better way of learning about things than listening to people talk about what they enjoy and do well.

There is an original Radio Play, exclusive content of the podcast, set in a post- Idea War Johannesburg, with action! robots! jetpacks! and puns!

Give it a listen, or even just take a quick squiz at the GoaT website:


because its the people who’re willing to sit down with us, and talk about the huge range of geek things that we like or do or make, that weave us back towards each other and into something like a community.

Here’s the podcast:



And, because its Monday: here’s a look at the updated Pre-Order list

( https://cyanseagulls.wordpress.com/2016/01/25/idea-war-take-2-the-short-of-it/)

for Idea War 1:

Gregg Barlow

Joe Vaz

Joe Vaz

Kelan Gerriety

Carla Harris (Watch this space (https://www.facebook.com/Bacon-Battalion-RPG-436480696560037/?notif_t=fbpage_fan_invite) for an awesome, upcoming RPG channel!)

Bobby Godsell (Hi Dad!)

Wogan May (Who writes a super nifty blog you can check out here: http://wogan.me/)

As always, thank you all!




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