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So things have been a little quiet around here for a while. You could say quiet or you could say stone cold dead. It’s not been the busiest of blogs since the Unity cycle and that was a while ago.

There are a bunch of reasons for this: I could tell you it’s because life is busy and scary and full of things needing doing. I could say that it’s because I’ve been putting what energy and time I have for stories into the other side of the business (that’s printing and typesetting for me). I could tell you about personal issue like anxiety and medication.

Thing is, none of those have really changed, so they’re unlikely to be the main reason for new posts on this blog. Something else did change though, and that’s what I’m writing about today.

It wasn’t a sudden and seismic shift, this thing that changed that means I’m working again. It was slow, and in tiny pieces from many directions, like small stones that build up pressure against a part of the river clogged with sticks. Finally there is enough weight that the stones make one or two tiny gaps in the block and flow can resume.

Those stones are reasons to try.

They come in different shapes and forms: words of encouragement from a long-respected colleague, a young woman you’ve never met who likes your book, a friend who will not give up on asking you when she can buy a copy, your partner sharing your project updates on social media. None of them are enough on their own, but, over time they build. None of them shatters the block completely, only you and life can do that (because only you and life built it), but they make gaps, allow movement.

Sometimes the stones that pile against the block are bigger: a review that hears what you thought no one ever would in-between your stories, recognition from a famous author, things that catch you out of time and make you smile.

This post is about one of the bigger things, and that is the Sera Blue publishing house. They are new, they are brave and starting and still figuring out the rules of this industry and which of those rules help them and harm them. They are still figuring out which rules can and should be upheld, and which they will shatter. You should know that I am tied to them in two ways: they are my publisher right now, and they are my friend always. My words aren’t without bias, but I’m not telling here how wonderful a business they are, or telling you to flock to them in droves. I’m telling you, and Sera Blue, if they read this, that Sera Blue and their story is, right now, my biggest reason to try.


When someone you know as a person does something that you didn’t think people like you could do, say starting a publishing company for example, it changes what you believe possible for yourself. When a person who you don’t know, didn’t see coming can step up and bring out a book, make stories that you can hold in your hand, it changes what you believe possible for yourself.


I know that Sera Blue is that change in the parameters of possible for many people. They certainly have been for me. I have a project in the works with them that you’ll have an idea about if you follow my author page Abi Godsell on facebook. I’ll post more about it here tomorrow. It’s a project I would never have thought I could see happen before I watch Sera Blue for a while, and changed my understanding of possible.

Point of the story isn’t this project, really, or even telling Sera Blue that they are some people’s reason to try. They refuse to believe me when I tell them face to face, so I hope the internet will lend weight to my words, and remind them of the others who feel as I do, but don’t speak up.

The point of this is that you, dear readers, are probably also someone’s reason to redefine possible. They won’t tell you, of course, because most people don’t. So you won’t know, but they will.

Keep doing the things that you are fighting to do because you love them. The action of fighting for them itself is a solid thing of value to people who see it.

Thank you for giving us our own reasons to try.


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    abidragonfly posted: ” So things have been a little quiet around here for a while. You could say quiet or you could say stone cold dead. It’s not been the busiest of blogs since the Unity cycle and that was a while ago. There are a bunch of reasons for this: I could tell you”

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