Hello and welcome to unseasonal Johannesburg Spring. I wish I had half the courage and optimism of these blossom trees.


In keeping with the season, this post is about the new project, doggedly unfurling itself across my writing career. If you’ve had a look at my facebook author page -Abi Godsell you’ll know what I’m talking about already.


Even if you do though, stick around here because blog posts are conducive to nice prose than facebook, and I’ll be dropping some more details than on social media.


So I’ve posted a bunch of times about this awesome new small press publisher Sera Blue. One of the reasons I know they’re awesome is that I’ve been working on a book with since the beginning of the year, that we are going to launch at rAge on the 7th, 8th and 9th of October.


What book? You cry, perching, as I know you are, on the edge of your seats.


Well, my marketing schedule tells me that I must keep that a secret for now to generate mystery and intrigue. Much intrigue. Many mystery.


What I can say is that I’ve never been more excited about a project that I’ve worked on. I’ve never produced something that, at the end of it all, I like this much.


We work hard, as writers for our money. Or for the distant promise of money. Or the once-bright hope of money, or out of habit or something. So, you’ll be seeing a lot of hints and sneak peeks and promotional materials for this book.


We don’t live in an economy uninformed book buying is a smart move anymore. You should have enough bits and bobs in various places around the web to help you figure out if this is the purchase for you (I think it is, but I suspect I might be biased) and to get some insider info into the working process that brought it to light.


So keep an eye on this blog right here. Like a lithop, it is not dead yet!

Have a wonderful weekend looking forward to exciting new things.

2014-12-08 21.47.30


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