If nobody tells me otherwise, I’m going to carry on believing that made my Friday deadline with this post!

So, I have a new project in the works. It’s something that excites me more than anything I’ve worked on to date.
Sera Blue New Age Publishing, who I’ve blogged about before here:  and who you can find out more about here:
Sera Blue are publishing a solo anthology of my collected fantasy, horror and science fiction stories under the title ‘Relative Scale’.
Sera Blue and I will be launching the book at their stall at this year’s Galaxy of Geek rAge expo on the 7th, 8th and 9th of October.
I’m kind of biased on the subject, but there’s a very good friend of mine who has been kind enough to give the book a really stellar, really informative review that should tell you what it’s hopes, dreams and daily to-do lists are. It’s available here:
While you’re on the site, think about downloading a couple of episodes of the really nifty pod-cast. You get to hear some of the up-and-coming voices of the geek scene, in honest easy-listening bites:
In the upcoming weeks I’ll be giving you the full press treatment, tantalizing teaser trailers, cover-reveals, story excerpts: the works. I’m a serious small-press author now, what else am I going to do?
Well, this:
So as much as this project is a really exciting career move for me, and as much as I’m committed to selling it to you lovely people so I can generate the monies that will allow me to keep making things, (do us a favour and pretend I just marketed this book hard to you), this project is more than that.
I read anthologies as a kid, solo collections, multi-author collaborations, the works. I preferred them to novels, there was more choice, were more worlds, more difference in the voices that spoke through them. When I was old enough to have pocket money, I bought anthologies, delighting in reading the shorts in order of what had the most interesting title. Now, it’s in order of what’s going to fit into the length of reading time I can squeeze out of the day. They, more than a novel or a novel series or a successful merchandising campaign, where the mark of a real author’s career.
Imagine having so many of your own stories that you can fill a whole book! Imagine if I could do that…
My childhood self laughed, and put that dream on the shelf with unpowered flight and wanting to grow up to be Conan the Barbarian.
Now I’m here.
Sure, my childhood self was wrong, and boy how wrong, about the anthology being the magical artifact of being a Real Writer whom people shower in glowing fan mail. It’s not even conventionally regarded as a particularly significant career achievement. But there’s a kind of magic in it never the less.
I let go, as you do, of the long-held belief in the swords and sorcery promises of the books I read. But there’s nothing less magic, if a lot more subtle, in doing something that was as out of reach to your childhood self as growing your own wings.
I am here, me and my anthology, when I never thought that someone ordinary like me could be. That makes me indescribably happy.
I wish you joy in owning the magic of your child hood: having a house all your own, growing a plant from seed, getting a job, cooking a meal for yourself that tastes better than take out. Mundane never really meant ordinary 🙂
Thanks for listening.
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