Hi guys,

This is the official Relative Scale landing page, where I’ll be putting all the updates, links and important release information together in one place to make everyone’s life easier.

The first thing you need to know is what Relative Scale is:

Relative Scale is a collection of speculative short stories spanning the journey from childhood to living as an adult in this sometimes lonely and sometimes star-filled world. From enchanted gardens governed by the strict rules of old magic, to the murky horror of high-school crushes and out into the cold and beauty of space. There’s something here for you, whether you are carrying magic chalks, keen-honed axes, or nothing but the vision of a dome in a desert. Step into these small pockets of worlds and words in Abi Godsell’s first solo collection of works.

It will be launching at the 2016 rAge Galaxy of Geek event on the 7th, 8th and 9th of October this year


You can win tickets AND copies of the book (scroll down to the 3rd prize) as well as other awesome stuff here:


You can find out more about the book as a collection and a reading experience from the advance review up here:


To whet your appetite and titillate the literary palate, here are the teaser and hints that have been dropped about what the anthology might have in store for you lovely readers:

Cover Reveal!

Section Art 


This blog post

And also this one

And pretty much everything else is up on my author page on facebook: Grab the vids while they’re still underground enough for you to get street cred from  your local-spec-fic circle (also, if you have a circle like that, you’re pretty awesome and please invite me!):

Author Page

It’s written by me. Hi there. To find out more about me as a writer, here are a bunch of things I was asked by educated and lovely people these coupla times:

925 Rebellion Interview

Geek of all Trades Podcast

Release the Geek Podcast

Six of the Best Interview

Writers Cornered Interview

To find out more about how and why I’m writing this anthology, keep an eye on my Author Page, but also check out these blog posts:

This One

And This One

And This One Too!

The book is published by Sera Blue New Age Publishing, who are an awesome local small press. For more about them, check out:

Their Website

Their Facebook Page

Their Geek of all Trades Episode

This awesome thing they did:

And this blog post about them

The art, which will be release over the next two weeks or so, is all done by the phenomenal local artist Leigh le Roux:

His Portfolio

Twitter: @LeighLeRoux

Instagram: @leighleroux

Congrats on having survived the work week, and here’s hoping for a great weekend!

Abi, over and out. for-film-3


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