Hello lovely people of the internet

Today I have artistic delights for you! We are revealing our Relative Scale cover (front and back because it has a juicy blurb). I love this thing. Seriously, its easily the most beautiful cover I’ve had, and the most professional, because of the talented team at Sera Blue and the artistic skills of Leigh le Roux.

The story behind it goes something like this:

We wanted hands – they’re sort of the visual theme of this anthology, drawing hands, fighting hands, reaching hands.


We wanted hands holding a universe, cupped together, carrying it like water. We wanted spilled drops because human hands shake a little.


We wanted that because that’s what a story feels like, worlds within worlds, entrusted to you, and precious, ephemeral , spilling drops of themselves out and across your days. At least, those were the kinds of stories we wanted to give you here. Worlds within worlds, in your pair of human, sometimes shaking, hands.

Then Leigh took it and made magic.

You can tell I’m a little thrilled with it, right?


Magic and Space for your weekends people. Hope all your things are wonderful.



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