So, its been three months since rAge 2016 and the launch of Relative Scale, and this blog has been faking dead better than Granny Weatherwax.

I owe you an apology for that. I did a bunch of things that needed doing and kind of eclipsed making story-words and managing the career of a story-worder. I moved house, finished a degree, read books for pleasure, completed games, and slowly learned to human again after the convention. All of these are pretty lousy excuses for not blogging, but they were all the kind of things that make me a better writer (not to mention a better person, several steps closer to being a fully growned up one). Consider the silence an investment. I think the world allows us silence all too rarely. Thank you for allowing me mine.

So, apart from wonderful book sales and incredible fan interactions (which is actually what makes cons worth it) there was this wonderful thing that came out of rAge. I was given a little screen time to explain what I do, why I do, and why I chose to do what I do where I do. Then some talented editors took my words and pulled the meaning out of them and made it accessible to you.

This thing is incredibly precious to me, and is kind of why geek media channels and con reporting matter.

It speaks for itself better than I can speak about it, so here it is:

GeekNode’s Article and Video

If you can, give GeekNode a bit of a looksee, they are Doing Things, and its pretty damn amazing.


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