So I told you lovely people that I was going to be on TV, and I have not lied to you!

The Newsroom team at the SABC put together a phenomenal write up for me, provided the interviewer with great talking points and held my nervous show guest hand in a generous and professional way, so that yesterday’s interview was a really phenomenal experience.

Everyone from make-up team to production was engaging and friendly and really seemed to love what they do in producing quality tv.



Image screengrabbed from the link below

Never afraid to ask the hard questions, watch what happens when the writer is asked if she shouldn’t rather be chasing down a real job, how closely she tries to predict Johannesburg’s current dystopian trajectory and why she didn’t move this sci-fi secession (no that is not a typo) story down to the west coast where they are halfway another country already!

Thank you so much to everyone involved getting me to this studio and to the newsroom team for taking positive well thought action to introduce South African readers to their local writers. We need people like you who believe that South Africans do, in fact, still read books and want to enable them to read more widely.

(I swear that’s not my quietly panicking smile)


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