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Dear readers,


If you had a look at Tuesday’s review of Fletcher, you might have got the idea that I’m going to this year’s ICON

Icon 25 anniversary logo-2

All about ICON 2017

You are RIGHT!

Abi Godsell, author, blogger, purveyor of fine fiction and other sundries has herself a table in ICON’s Artists Alley this year

Gallagher Estate – Hall 2 (Midrand) 
Friday 16th June (public holiday) 9am to 6 pm
Saturday 17th June 9 am to 6 pm
Sunday 18th June 9 am to 5 pm 
R120.00 – Day pass
R250.00 – Weekend pass


But that is not all

Given successful collaborations in the past with The Fairee Factoree on some gorgeous merchandise for relative scale:

Stone Lioness 1Guitar Case 1


We’ve decided to team up for an ICON presence that pulls stories out of the text of books and into the tangible world of bespoke polymer clay.

merch 11

You’ll be able to acquire for yourself some handcrafted artworks in breathtaking fine detail, including but not limited to some cameos those that have already bought themselves a copy of Relative Scale may recognize.

If anyone reading this post does recognize some RS inhabitants, leave a comment telling me who we are looking at and from what story, and you can win a Mystery Prize.

(Don’t be silly reader, I can’t tell you what the Mystery Prize is. It’s kinda in the name, you know)

The master craftswoman of these tiny artworks will also be at the stall for large parts of the event, to take in the sights of all the lovely con-folk, chat with people about art and perhaps discuss a custom orders. She totally takes commissions folks, come and chat with her about shaping dreams.

Chameleon 1


But the revelation train does has not yet come to the end of its line. Even the delights of the Fairee Factoree are not all that will be on offer at Abi Godsell’s stall in Artist’s Alley.

Header 1

Those of your familiar with my facebook page will know that those question marks are not only a subtle escalation of mystery and suspense. They also mean that I have a new title to launch.

Last time you saw them was for the Rage 2017 launch of Relative Scale.

This year they are not for Relative Scale.

This year they are for something that has my THINKing a lot more CONFLICTed. AGAIN.

Idea War Cover (2) (492x800)

(I’m all about the subtlety)

What am I launching at this year’s 25th anniversary ICON?

Only time can shed the layers of this mystery ….

(So, check your news feed on, like, Monday, also on Friday for the second part of the Fletcher 2 parter.)


Until then dear readers, I wish you luck in your battle against the agonizing suspense. Take this soothing youtube playlist to succor your striving.



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