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Hello Lovely people of the Internet

We’re going to talk a little more about ICON today

Icon 25 anniversary logo-2

All about ICON 2017

Gallagher Estate – Hall 2 (Midrand)
Friday 16th June (public holiday) 9am to 6 pm
Saturday 17th June 9 am to 6 pm
Sunday 18th June 9 am to 5 pm
Tickets: R120.00 – Day pass
R250.00 – Weekend pass


Now, as much as I dig being a travelling book seller, and serving up stories to the geek community

(to listen to me put it more eloquently, have a look here)

this ICON is about a little more than that.

This year, at ICON 2017 I’m going to be officially launching the sequel to IDEA WAR 1.

Idea War Cover (2) (492x800)

For those of you who’ve read it, you are more than welcome to throw things at me for making you wait so long, but come through to ICON to do it, okay? That way I can throw copies of IDEA WAR 2 back at you 😊

On Friday, June 16th I will be doing a live reading on the ICON workshop stage, to launch this next step in dystopian Joburg’s rebel story. My slot is from 2:00 pm to 2:45 pm (so feel free to make those things you want to throw at me bottles of water and throat sweets to keep the voice functional) with a Q and A session right at the end.

Friday 16th 

14:00 PM

Workshop Stage

On the topic of Q and A don’t think this is some, gaze-dropping, foot-shuffling, sentence-mumbling time filler of a slot. THIS is the advantage of reading local fiction. It gives you a chance to finally roar complaints (HOW COULD YOU HAVE GOTTEN THE PHYSICS OF MINE-DUMP COLLAPSE SO WRONG?), queries (WHAT KIND OF MONSTER ARE YOU THAT YOU KILLED OFF THAT CHARACTER THAT TIME BY THAT SCHOOL?) and commentary (IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH COOLER IF YOU SET THAT SCENE WITH THE JETS IN ALBERTON NOT EDENVALE. WHO THINKS EDENVALE IS COOLER THAN ALBERTON?) at the person who’s busy making the stories you read. You can get as good answers as I can give you, and more closure than 99.9% of readers ever get about the things the read.

And it does more than give you closure. Q and A sessions with authors give you a way to change how I think, to give me new ideas, new perspectives, and to be one step closer to affecting the world of the story that we’ll talk to each other about. This is the thing about Idea War, the series is not yet finished. There’s a final novel still waiting to go from thoughts to ink on paper. It’s still thoughts in my head, and by chatting to me, you might get the chance to change some of those thoughts.

What other writers do you have the chance for that connection with?

This is what local fiction has to offer local readers: its dynamic, fluid, living and offers an involved reader the chance to make it more than it could ever be without you.

Bring me your best questions, I want to write you better worlds.



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