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Hello there dear readers,

As you know (I hope. I have not been subtle!) I have a stall at ICON 2017, where you can buy some delightful books.

More details here

and here

and also here!

But buying books is not all you’ll be able to do at my stall or around it!

Check out the Schedule and appearance guide below that turns ‘writing’ from a noun to a verb!

Icon Schedule 2017 For Abi Godsell – for the PDF version

Icon Schedule 1

This is a cover page!

Icon schedule 2

These are Writers! One is a Publisher, One is a Self-Publisher. That is a lot of things you can talk to them about. 

(Yes, I know that one of them is me, and I just discussed myself in third person)

Icon schedule 3

One is an Author! One is an Artist! (It says so in the #s)

Icon schedule 4

Don’t give me terrible sentences to work with, people! I will remember your face and what you made me work with! *potent sideeye*

Icon schedule 5

These are things you can do or win, or have to treasure forever. Also all for free. 

Icon cat 6

This is a back cover. For continuity of Narrative.

And if you need any more reasons as to why ICON 2017 will be the awesomest of sauces,

have a look at the full brochure here:

ICON 2017 Brochure

Icon 25 anniversary logo-2

All about ICON 2017

Gallagher Estate – Hall 2 (Midrand)
Friday 16th June (public holiday) 9am to 6 pm
Saturday 17th June 9 am to 6 pm
Sunday 18th June 9 am to 5 pm
Tickets: R120.00 – Day pass
R250.00 – Weekend pass



See all your delightful faces there!



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